“Amalia is a patient designer with an amazing eye for color.  

Amalia helped us renovate a master bedroom, bathroom, kids room, and guest bedroom. For each room she gave us a bunch of options for wall coverings and furniture at different price ranges. She has a particularly amazing eye for color helping brighten our dull walls with the perfect shades of paint. She found a beautiful wallpaper for our daughters room and very cool bathroom tiles. She gave us time to make decisions and followed up with us weekly on Fridays to check in. What I really appreciated also was Amalia did not push an agenda for her design but listened to us, got to know our aesthetic and gave us choices in our price range. She also was very helpful to resolve issues we had with a contractor.  

In sum Amalia has a great eye, is a good listener, is flexible and client oriented. We would use her in a heart beat again.” -MA

A dreamlike experience.

“We interviewed several interior designers and had no hesitation deciding to work with Amalia Gal Interior Design because we felt respected. She also understood our intentions in renovating our home and incorporating the original Spanish Colonial style in the improvements.” -EG

Exceptional Work

“We interviewed several interior designers and had no hesitation deciding to work with Amalia Gal Interior Design because we felt respected and understood intention of renovation our home."

“This is the first time we have worked with an interior designer.  Previously we have made home improvements on our own.  We realized the scope of this project went beyond our capabilities and required someone with solid experience to create a design that facilitated our current needs and desires.  Amalia used creativity and experience to offer a design that went well beyond our expectations.  Her attention to detail allowed for subtle shifts and corrections to the plans which had dramatic impacts on the outcome.”

Everything we wanted and more.

“Amalia did an outstanding job on our home. She brought brilliant ideas to the table that we never would've thought of and that incorporated our broad strokes "likes" into very specific and beautiful solutions. She is a master with color. She is a pleasure to work with, fairly balancing the execution of a coherent vision with the practical constraints of time and money. We'll hire Amalia back for our kitchen and guest bath projects and highly recommend her!.” -TB


“Amalia and her team brought enthusiasm and encouragement to our project and went out of their way to bring subtle details and specifics to life in a way that greatly enhanced the project.  We enjoyed the ongoing conversations and refining of our ideas to come to a cohesive and coordinated implementation of unimagined options.”

Stellar, professional service.

“Our home was built in the 1920’s and we were determined to make improvements that respected and enhanced the original architecture and design.  Amalia was very respectful of our wishes and her efforts brought out subtle details that drew attention to the original design as well as integrating contemporary fixtures and items that reflect how one lives in the 2010’s.

In addition Amalia took on several projects in the renovation, such as rehanging existing art 50 some photos and art in a small space) in a fashion that brought sophistication and subtly to the end result.  The detail and specific planning was very impressive, facilitating a very productive day of the actual hanging without wasted time or efforts.”

Love! Love! Love!

“Amalia is professional, efficient and understands her clients needs. I love my bathroom! It always makes me happy to walk into such a nice room.” -RC


I have been working with Ms. Gal for a number of years as a builder. She has a unique ability to create a wonderful work atmosphere while creatively guiding each client in a very caring way. Her ideas are innovative and unique. I have recommended her to many of my clients due to her know how and terrific follow through.  -JR